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Virologica Sinica, 04 (3) : 262, 1989
Preliminary observation of the Inhibitory Effect of (s) DHPA on the Infection of EHFV in Suckling Mice
Department of Infectious Disease
The First ffiliated Hospital
Hunan Med. University
The inhibitory effect of (s)-9-(2, 3-dihydroxypropyl) adenine ((s)-DHPA)on infection of Epidemic Hemorrhagic Fever Virus (EHFV) J10 strain in su-ckling mice was observed. The experimental results showed that the morbidityrate (44.44 % and 55.17%) and infection rate (44.44% and 55.17%) of two(s)-DHPA treatment groups were markedly lower than that of the control group(83.33% and 86.96% respectively). Their differences were statistically signi-ficant. These results suggested that EHFV replication in suckling m...
Key Words: (s)-DHPA;  EHFV;  Suckling mice
  Published online: 5 Sep 1989
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