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Virologica Sinica, 04 (4) : 359, 1989
Molecular Epidemiology of Human Rotavirus in Ten Cities of Shandong Province in China
Department of Microbiology
Qingdao Medical College
Using the PAGE method, we analysed the electrophoretic types of RNA rotavirus obtained from 170 stool samples with infantile diarrhea from ten cities in Shandao from 1985—1986, In 3 cities subgroup Ⅰ rotavirus was found to be the main etiologic agent, subgroup Ⅱ in other 3 cities and both subgroups were found prevailing in the rest cites. Among 34 different electrophoretic typs observed, 14 belong to subgroup Ⅰ and 20 to subgroup Ⅱ。In the cities with two subgroups co-prevailing, there were far more electrop...
  Published online: 5 Dec 1989
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