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Virologica Sinica, 05 (3) : 306, 1990
Studies on the Virus of Rice Stripe Disease in China
Zhejiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences
330021Dept. Virol.
Instiiute of Microbiology
Academia Sinica
Beijiang 100080Zhejiang Agricultural University
Hangzhou 310029
Rice stripe disease caused severe damage in China. In the past studies, the emphases were limited in the biological identification, epidemics and control methods, so it is still argued whether the disease iscauaed by RSV or even by a virus. In the present study, a virus with filamentous (3nm wide) or branched filamentous (8nm wide )particles were observed in purified preparations and three sedimentation components were founded with Isco fraetionor after 10—40% sucrose density gradient centrifugation. There ...
  Published online: 5 Sep 1990
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