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Virologica Sinica, 05 (4) : 352, 1990
Histopathological Features of Patients with Intrahepatic HDAg-positive Chronic Hepatitis
Dept.of Pathology
Wuhan Infectious Diseases Hospital
Wuhan 430022Clinical Immunology Research Unit
Tongji Hospital
Wuhan 430030
To explore the histopathological features in chronic hepatitis D, 5 out of 120 cases of HBsAg-positive liver samples were found to be intrahepatitic HDAg-positive by direct immunof luorescence and immunoperoxidase assays. Among 5 cases, 3 had active cirrhosis, 2 cases with chronic active hepatitis. Wellmatched cases with chronic hepatitis B were used as control, Emphasis was put on similarity and difference in histopathological findings between hepatitis D and hepatitis B by light and electron microscopy an...
  Published online: 5 Dec 1990
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