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Virologica Sinica, 06 (1) : 15, 1991
A Study on Natural Infection and Vertical Transmission of DHBV in Ducks
Department of Microbiogy
Tianjin Medical College
Tianjin 360070
Duck-breeding farm
Gaoyou county
Jiang Su Province 225601
DHBV in duck serum is assayed by α-~(32)P-DHBV DNA probe hybridization. It is found that the rate of DHBV viremia in hybrid from Beijing duck and Cherry valley duck was 5.1%, whereas in Gauyou local ducks was32.7-58.8%.Positive sera are confirmed by EM. The virion of DHBV is characterized. Ducks are divided into four groups. The rate of DHBV viremia in tile ducklings hatched from different groups is detected, Group 1 (F~-,M~-) is 0%, Group 2(F~+, M~+)100%, Group 3(F~-, M~+)28%, and Group 4(F~+, M~-)100%. By...
  Published online: 5 Mar 1991
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