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Virologica Sinica, 06 (1) : 65, 1991
The Comparative Study of the Presence Levels of Viruses and Indicator Bacteria in the Source Water and Tap Water
Department of Virology
Wuhan University
Wuhan 430072
The presence of any pathogenic viruses in tap water has always been considered a potential public health concern. This study reports the presence levels of viruses and indicator bacteria in the water body of East Lake and treated tap water. During a year s work,indicator bacteria and viral analysis were performed on each sample, we found that total plate count is 2×10~3—6.8×10~8/L, total coliforms is 130—5.5×10~4/L,fecal eoliforms is 10—960/L, coliphage is 0.35—65CFU/L, average is 26.48CFU/L, enteroviruses ...
  Published online: 5 Mar 1991
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