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Virologica Sinica, 06 (3) : 232, 1991
Surface Contamination of Soybean Pollen by SMV and Effect of Virus on Pollen Activity
Department of Plant Protection
Nanjing Agricultural University
Nanjing 210014 Laboratory of Electron Microscope
Pharmaceutical University of China
Naniing 210007 Shanghai Animal and Plant Qurantine Service
Postcode: 200032
The particles of soybean mosaic virus on the surface of soybean pollen were detected by protein A-linked latex antiserum(PALLAS)with scanning microscope When soybean variety of Ning Zhen -1 was used as material, the latex beads on pollen from severe mosaic, light mosaic and symptomless soybean plants were about 1000, 200 and 15 respectively, but no latex beads were observed on the surface of pollen from the healthy one. Pollen germination experiment shows that the pollen activity is obviously reduced becaus...
  Published online: 5 Sep 1991
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