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Virologica Sinica, 06 (4) : 320, 1991
Detection of Epidemic Hemorrhagic Fever Virus (Hantanvirus) RNA Genome with Biotin-Labeled Probe by Dot Hybridization
Virus Research Institute
Hubei Medical College
Dot hybridization assay was developed to detect epidemic hemorrhagic fever virus(EHFV)RNA genome using probe which biotin-7-dATP labeled R-3 cDNA clone of M fragement of EHFV R-22 strain. This probe was used to detect RNA genome of the human original EHFV H-114 and H-435 strains in cell cultures. The positive hybridization signal was obtained from cells infected EHFV H-114 and H-435 strains, 5 pg cDNA or RNA could be obtained This probe do not react with DNA of cells infected herpes simplex virus and cytome...
  Published online: 5 Dec 1991
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