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Virologica Sinica, 07 (1) : 11, 1992
Effect of Human Semen and Anaerobic Bacteria Culture Fluid on Induction of Cervical Carcinoma in mice
Virus Research Institute
Hubei Medical College
430071 Institute of Virology
Chinese Academy of Prevention Medical Science
Co-carcinogensis of seminal plasma(S), culture fluid of anaerobic bacteria(B) and Herpes Simplex Virus type 2(HSV-2) induced cervical carcinoma inmice were studied. The results showed that there were slight displasia insingle seminal Plasma(S) group or culture fluid of anaerobic bacteria group,cervical carcinoma could be induced by SB with an induction rate of 11.5%;23.1% of the carcinoma rate in HSV-2 group and 50.0% of the rate in HSV-2+SB group. The experimental results indicated that SB was both carcino...
  Published online: 5 Mar 1992
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