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Virologica Sinica, 07 (2) : 144, 1992
Change of the Antibody Level among Inhabitants after the First Epidemic of AHC Caused by CA24v
Shashi Health and Anti-epidemic Center
Shashi 434000
Half and one year after the epidemic of acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis(AHC) caused by eoxsackievirus A24 variant(CA24v) in the autumn of 1988, 423 sera were collected and the neutralization antibody(NA) and specific IgM against CA24v were tested in microplate with Hela cells. The positive rate of NA was 37.9% in the spring and 48.8% in the autumn of 1989. The specific IgM was 3.3% in the spring and 6.7% in the autumn of 1989 and one strain of CA24v was isolated from a cold-like patient at this time. The r...
  Published online: 5 Jun 1992
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