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Virologica Sinica, 07 (2) : 197, 1992
Diagnosis of Virus on Gadic Virus Disease of Zhejiang
Department of Plant Protection
Zhejiang Agricultural University
Hangzhou 310029 Central Laboratory of Zhejiang Agricultural University
Hangzhou 310029 Plant Protection Station
Agriculture Bureau of Cixi County
Cixi 315300
In Zhejiang, Jiangsu and other provinces, 5 varieties of the garlic crops are totally diseased. The virus disease frequently causes degeneration of viruliferousness, loss of yields and reduction of tolerant to store. Symptoms due to the infection of virus are chlorotic mottling between the veins, yellow streaking and mosaic, scarcely visible and leaf distortion or deformation. The virus can be artificially inoculated on Vicia faba, then produces brown local lesions, slight spot on Chenopodium murale, necrot...
  Published online: 5 Jun 1992
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