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Virologica Sinica, 07 (3) : 317, 1992
Screening and Application of Differential Hosts to Cucumber Mosaic Virus Strains on Pepper
Jilin Institute of Vegetable Seience
Changchun 130031
According to Flor s "Gene to Gene" theory and Omaro and Tomaru s method to distinguish CMV strains, we studied "strains of gene type" and "strains of pathogenetic type" 5 varities were selected as differential variety spectrum from 373 sweet or hot pepper, They were numbered LS-8501 (HR), LS-8502(R), LS-8503(T), LS-8504(S) and LS-8505(HS). 59 CMV isolates were divided into 5 strains by the spectrum, They were divided into 5 strains by the spectrum and named CMV-P0, CMV-P1, CMV-P2, CMV-P3, and CMV-P4. 7 host...
  Published online: 5 Sep 1992
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