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Virologica Sinica, 07 (4) : 414, 1992
Detection and Significance of Antiidiotype Antibodies against Anti-HBs in Immune Complexes of Patients with Hepatitis B
Department of Clinical Immunology
Naniing Hospital of Nanjing Command
Nanjing 210002
An enzyme linked immunosorbent assay for detecting antiidiotype antibodies against anti-HBs-containing immune complexes (antiHBs-Ab_2IC)in hepatitis B patients has been established, which was based on precipitating IG by 35.0g/L and 17.5g/L polyethyene glycol(PEG, MW 6000) and separating IC by trypsin, Our results showed that the positive rates of antiHBs-Ab_2-IC in the patients with hepatitis B(n=38)and chronic hepatitis B(n=83)were 13o2% (5/38)and 18.1% (15/83)respectively. There was on statistical differ...
  Published online: 5 Dec 1992
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