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Virologica Sinica, 08 (2) : 189, 1993
Enhancement of Plutella xylostella Granulosis Virus Infection by Lecithin
Department of Virology
Wuhan University
Wuhan 430072
Lecithin was extracted by organic reagent from eggs and mixed with PxGV to infect 2th-3th instar Px larvae. Through the treatment of statistical method, we got three groups time-mortality regression lines, y=18.1x-59.8 (GV only), y=27.23x-99.85 (GV+30mg/ml lecithin) and y=13.6x-18 (GV+70mg/ml lecithin). Comparing with GV control group, mortality of GV+70mg/ml lecithin group increased by 17% and LT50 decreased by 1.066 days This result shows lecithin can enhance the infection of PxGV.
  Published online: 5 Jun 1993
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