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Virologica Sinica, 09 (1) : 25, 1994
Expression HCV core protein in E. co//and its application
My analysis and comparison of nucleotides sequences of HFRSV 76/118 and R_(22) strains,tlireepairs of primers were designed and synthesised,one pair of primer lying in the high homologous regionbetWeen 76/18 strain and R_(22) strain was used as common and outer primers;the other two pairs ofprimers were in the low homologous region,as the type-specific and inner primers.Using above primers and RT-PCR techneque,we measured five strains of HFRSV,76/118,A9,Chen,R_2,and R_(22).When using the outer primers,all of the five strains produced one DNA lane of 300bp;using the field-rat type inner primers all strains but R_(22) strain preduced one DNA Iane of 70bpand using the hom-rat type inner primers,only R_(22) strain produced one DNA lane of 70bp.Part of M fragment cDNA of 76/118 and R_(22) strains was used respectively as template,two type-specific biotinylated probed were synthesised by nest PCR techneque,the probes were used to hybridization with the RT-PCR preducts of the five strains,the results showed:RT-PCR te
  Published online: 5 Mar 1994
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