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Virologica Sinica, 09 (1) : 31, 1994
Discussion Oil the Relationship between the Serum HBV Replication M arks and Hepatic Pathological Changes in the Chronic Hepatitis B of High RepBcafion Type
Department of Infectious disease, Union Hospital, Tongji Medical 
The relationship between the serum HBV replication marks and hepatic pathological changes wasreported in 55 cases of chronic hepatitis B of high replication type.55 cases were HBsAg,HBeAg andanti-HBc positive,some accompanied with HBcAg,DNAP or HBV-DNA positive.All cases had madeliver biopsy and pathological test.The pathological report was:CAH 5 casea,CLH 9 cases and CPH 41cases.The first two states became Group A,which represented pathological change active,CPH became Group B,which represented inactive,Under the HBV replication state,the examined rate of thehepetic pathological change in the Group A was commonly higher than G roup B. Under the ALT abnor-mal state,the examined rate up to 80% of some hepatic patliological changes in Group A was alsohigher than Group B,It also indicated that piecemeal necrosis appeared in the 4 cases of Group A,andnone in Group B,Combinin8 the above result,it ind icated that there was close relationship among theHBV repl ication degree,the activity and extension of the hepotic
  Published online: 5 Mar 1994
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