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Virologica Sinica, 09 (1) : 54, 1994
Using satellite RNA of cucumber mosaic virus (CMV) as a biological control agent to protect the wheat stubble pepper from disease in large area
Wangdu County science and technology committee,Hebei Province
Institute of Microbiology,Academica Sinica
The popper plants preinoculated with CMV satellite RNA biological control agent S52 were resiatant to infection ot CMV,The result of the field test in large area indicated that when pepper plantspreinoculated with S52 the protection effect was 59.5-71.0% compared with control plants,thefruit yield was increased by 26.1-32.3% and the output value was increased about 33.5-45.2%.While the result of the field test ln small area showed that pepper plants preinouclated with S52,showed a protection effect of 71.3-92.9% and 55.9-78.5% at 50 and 80 days postinoculation rospectively,the fruit yield and output value were 36.0-65.3% and 49.3-93,5% more than that ofthe control.The biological control agent also has some favourite effects on the plants such as stimutinggrowth,promoting early-maturation,and increasing resistance to fungal and bacterial diseases.
  Published online: 5 Mar 1994
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