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Virologica Sinica, 09 (1) : 67, 1994
Ultrastructural Study of Molluscum Contagisum Virus(MCV)
Wuhan General Hospital,Guangzhou Military Region,Wuhan 430071
5 blocks of MC tissues from 15 patients were oteerved with TEM,MCV has 4 patterns,i.e,primary,middle'mature and degenerate phases,The primary viruses have teeny-granular- chain-likeviroptasm,and the middle ones have vironucleoid construction, condensed viroplasm and lateral bodies(LB).The mature McV is flat ellipsoid,the size is 400×300×180nm,and has no LB in this phase.The cores of mature MCV are of cubically biconcave ellipsuid(or elliptocyte-like)shapos,not dumhbell-like,and appear the concentric fingerprint-like structures in level section, Eventually,MCV becomes degenerate along with the death of the cells.
  Published online: 5 Mar 1994
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