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Virologica Sinica, 09 (2) : 95-99, 1994
Preparation of Biotin HBV RNA Probe and Its Application in Serum Detection
Department of Microbiology,Military Animal Medicure Cottege of Shen Yanq Comunend,Da Lian 116013
epotits B virus (HBV)RNA probes were synthesized in vitro by transcription from recombinantsbetween HBV DNA and the transcriptfon vector SP(65).These probes can be labelled with biotin and behybridized spoifically with HBV DNA.Comparing with HBV DNA probe prepared by Nick-translation for detection of HBV DNA,HBVRNA probe are 10 times sensitive than that of HBV DNA.In addition,70 serum saniples of hepatitis B potients have been detected by hybridization withtwo probes.Pooitive proportion of HBV DNA corresponils to 31.42%, 28.57%(P>0.25).The clinical application of HBV RNA probes was discusseil preluninarily.
  Published online: 5 Jun 1994
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