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Virologica Sinica, 09 (2) : 104-112, 1994
A New M ethod for the Study of HPV M olecular Epidemiology-Quamy Control Slot HybridizationCoslot
Cancer Instute,CAMS,Being 10002I
he infection of HPV is the most frequent among the viruses tropic to the epithelium of cervix.The different HPV types possess various infective location and the abilities of etiology,for example,HPV type 6B,type 11 were correlated with the cervical non-tumor lesions,otherwise,the HPV type16 and type 18 were clasely assoctated with cervical carcinoma,so that it is important to identify accu-rately HPV type in the moledular epidemiological researchment for the relationship between cervicalHPv infection and the development of cervical carcinoma.We reperted here a new DNA hybridization method and procedure,with which we can easily differ one HPV type from another.The advantages as follow compared with other hybridimtion method.1.It lreer,mes sllitable to detect small pieces of biopeies from cervix since the experiment procedure being simplified and specimens consuption being decreased;2.The sensitivity is increased by 1.68 foldcomparing with dot blot hybridization;3.It has a higher types specificity owing to medi
  Published online: 5 Jun 1994
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