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Virologica Sinica, 09 (2) : 113-118, 1994
The Inhibitory Effects of Quinolones on Hepatitis B Virus in Vitro
The farst teachang Hospital ,Beijing 
Meluart University,Beijing 100034
uinolones were studied for their ability to inhibit hepatitis B virus DNA replicatiun,HBsAg andHBeAg exporssion in a HBV-transfeeted eell line(2.2.15 cell).The survival cell rate was determinedby MTT assay.The result shows that ID50(the drug concentration that inhibits HBsAg or HBeAg secretion by 50%) were 110μg/ml and 199μg/ml with Pipemidic Acid,64μg/ml and 111μg/ml with Norfloxacin,93μg/ml and 210μg/ml with Ciprofloxacin,105μg/ml and 217μg/ml with Ofloxacin.CD_50(the drug concentration that reduces cell growth by 50%) were 219μg/ml,90μg/ml,181μg/ml,160μg/ml,reepectively.In the range of drug concentration selected,they partially or completelybleeked the production of HBV particles and its replicative interniediates,especially the seneration of suporcoiled viral DNA((sc DNA).
  Published online: 5 Jun 1994
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