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Virologica Sinica, 09 (2) : 119-124, 1994
Detection and Significance of HCV RNA NSs Gene
Chitial Immunalogy Research unil,Tongji Hospital Wuhan 430030
rimer selection is important for the detection of HCV RNA with RT-nested PCR method Com.pered to primers from 5'-UTR gene,the primere from NS5 gene had also high sensitivity and specifityin the detection of HCV RNA.Sixty-nine of 131 cases of anti-HCV Ab positive and 8 of 22 cases ofanti-HCV Ab nesative sera were found to be NS_5 gene positive,the positive rate were 52. 68% and36.36%,resnytively.All anti-HCV Ab positive samplea were divided into several sroups,according totheir clinical beckground.Prevalence of NS_5 gene in HCC and CRF groupe were 16.67% and 34.38%,respectively,lowertian that of other groupe (50%-80%),Interestinsly,the patientswith active liver diseiises(such as HCC,CAH,LC,SH) were peitive in the lst PCR,then the patientswith porristent hepotitis and subclinical infection were peitive in the 2nd PCR.The high prevalence ofNS5 gene in groupe of BD,PD and IG warned us of screening BD strictly and using blood-preducts carefully.
Key Words:  ;  HCV RNA;  NS gene;  RT nested PCR;  Anti HCV Ab
  Published online: 5 Jun 1994
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