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Virologica Sinica, 09 (2) : 160-169, 1994
The Use of Ampligen Alone and in Combination with Ganclclovlr and Coumermycin A 1 for the Treatmen1 0r Ducks Congenitally Infectcd with Duck H epatitis B Virus
Hebei Protuial Hygent and Antipulent Stitum,Baoding 671000
mpligen,a known immunomodulator and interferon inducer.was used alone and in conibination with other antiviral agents to treat ducks congenitally infected with duck hepatitis B virus.Theseantiviral agents included the conventional nucleotide analogue gunciclovir and the prokaryotic DNA gyrase B inhibitor coumermycin A1.When use alone,ampligen decreased the amount of serum and liverviral DNA,but had no effeet on circulating duck hepatitis B surface antigen (DHBsAg).In combination with sanciclovir,the antiviral effect appeared at least additive with a greater inhibition of vicalDNA replication within the liver.The conibination of ampligen with coutiiermycin A1 also resulted ininhibition of viral replication but to a lesser extent than ampligen alone.When all three agents wereused tapether,viral DNA replication was inhibited to the greatest extent but as with previous treatmentregimes,DHRsAg levels remained unchanged.At the end of the treatnient period for all resinies,analysis of viral DNA forms in the liver s
  Published online: 5 Jun 1994
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