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Virologica Sinica, 09 (3) : 195, 1994
Susceptibility and transmissibility of AMes a/bop/ctus and Aeries aegypti mosquitoes to Chikungunya virus
Yunnan provincial Institute of Epidemic Diseases Control and Research,Dali,Yunnan Province 671000 
Aedes albopictus and Ae.aegypti mosquitoes were tested by oral infection with four strains of Chikuirgunya(CHIK) virus isolated from Yunnan,China and Africa for their susceptibility and transmissibility.Studies showed that these two species of mosquitoes were susceptible to CHIK virus. Either Ae.al,bopietus or Ae aegypti for 5th to 6th day after infection were capable of transmitting CHIK virus by biteto suckling mice.Their transmission rates were 55.55%-100% on the 8th to 13th day post-infec.tion.In another experiment,infected mosquitoes were capoble of transmitting CHIK virtis by bite tochickens.Infection and transmission rates were hisher in Ae.aegypti tested than in Ae.albopictus tested.The susceptibility and transniission potentials of the defferent strains of CHIK virus had some differences from each other,such as the M81 strain isolated from Ae.albopietue in Yunnan was apparentlymore virulent than the other strains.These results indicate that Ae.albopictus and Ae.aegypti from China have the potential tu
  Published online: 5 Sep 1994
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