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Virologica Sinica, 09 (3) : 201, 1994
Electron microscopic study on CM2 cell line and its harbored type C-like retrovirus
Institute of Virology, Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine,Beijing 100052
The ultrastructure of CM_2 cell line,derived from peripheral blood of a patient with nervous syatem disease and the morphology and morphogenesis of its harbored type C virions were reported.Thecell size by electron micrcacopy in thin section was about 7-15 micron in diameter.The pleomorphiccells have markedly deforined nuclei and the feature of malignant lymphoblast.There were numeroustype C virions in the enlarged cistern of rough endoplasmic reticulum(RER)of the cell and out of thecell.The size of the virion was about 68.1-94.3 nanometer in diameter,in average about 81.2nanometer,The majority of virions out the cell had dense core,but the core of the virions in the RERcistern were with much less density,Virions were formed by budding at cell membrane.
  Published online: 5 Sep 1994
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