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Virologica Sinica, 09 (3) : 232, 1994
Comparative Studies on Five CM V bOla es from Leguminous Crops
Institute of Biotechnology,Zhejiang Agricultural University,hangzhou 310029
Comparative studies were made among five CMV isolates cullected from pea(Pisum sativum),hyacinth bean(Dolichus lablab),bean(Phaseolus vulgaris)and red bean(P.angularis),which were namedCMVP_2 CMVP_3,CMVHB,CMVB and CMVRB,respectively.No difference was found in stability insap,aphid transmission,molecular weight of coat protein and electrophoretic mobilities of virions,ex-cept for symptoms in some plant species and RNA components of the virus,In agar gel immunodiffusion tests,the five isolates could produce clear precipitant bands with CMV antiserum and the bandswere confluent.According to the symptoms in Pisum sativum,Vicia faba,Vigna anguiculata and Phaseolusvulgaris,the five isolates could be divided into two groups:group Ⅰwas represented by CMVHB,CMVB and CMVRB,which caused local lesions on inoculated leaves;groupⅡwas reprecented by CMVP_2 and CMVP_3,which produced systemic symptoms.CMUP_2 has five RNA components,whereasother isolates possess four components,so satellite RNAs are presented in CMVP_2.
  Published online: 5 Sep 1994
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