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Virologica Sinica, 09 (3) : 249, 1994
Studies on the Detection of Papaya Ringslmt Virus in Infected Tissue of Plant by ELISA
Dep. of Plant Virus, China South Aricultural University
The present study established and further improved the direct antisen cuating form of indirectELISA(DAC-ELISA)and Dot-ELISA for the detection of papaya rinsspot virus(PRV)in infected tissuses of papaya(Carica papsys L.)or zucchini squash(Cucurbita pepo L.).The results showed if theELISA method to be employed or the host plant to be detected were different,then the proper phosphate buffer solution for preparing the crude plant sap to be detected should be different.With a pro-per phosphate buffer solutions for preparins the crude plaut sap to be detected,it was pirssible to increase the sensitivity of DAC-ELISA and Dot-ELISA up to a dilution of plant sap at a rate of 1/4096and 1/1024 respectively.The main factors of interfering the accuracy of quantitative measurement ofthe concentration of viral antigens in crude plant sap were the amount of carbonate coating buffer solution(0.05mol/L,pHg.6)and the dilution rate of the crude plant sap.With a hisher dilution rate ofthe plant sap and a consistent aniount of carb
  Published online: 5 Sep 1994
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