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Virologica Sinica, 09 (3) : 266, 1994
A Study on Some Biochemical Characteristics of Nuclear Polyhedrosis Virus of Ectropis grisescens warren
Wuhan Institute of Virology,Academica Sinica,wuhan,430071
In isolate of Chinese squash leaf curl virus(SqLCV-C),which is transmitted by whitefly Bemisia tabaci and caused leaf curl and severe stunting symptoms on Cucurbita moschata and C,pepo,have beenisolated and further confirmed by molecular hybridization using its coat protein gene probe in Nanningcity,Guangxi Province.ELISA tests indicated that this isolate had strong positive reactions with ACMV MAb-SCR18 and ICMV MAb-SCR56,-SCR66:mild reactions with ACMV MAb-SCR11 andICMV MAb-SCR62,but negative with ACMV MAb-SCR23 and ICMV MAb-SCR52.
  Published online: 5 Sep 1994
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