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Virologica Sinica, 09 (4) : 291, 1994
Polymerase chain reaction for detection of different types of tiuman papillomavirus ill tile cervix
Dep. of Microbiology, Nanjing Medical University
Polymerase Chain Reactiun(PCR)was used to detect HPV 6,11,16,18 type specific DNA se-quences in 2l2 clinical cervical samples.The pusitivity uf HPV-DNA was 62.5%(25/40)in patientswith cervical cancer(squamous cell)and 57%(81/142)in chronic cervicitis,markedly higher than20%(6/30)in hedlthy control(P<0.001).HPV-16 was predominantly related to cervical cancerwhereas HPV-6,16,18 frequently inchronic cervicitis.This study also indicated that multiple infection of different HPV types is common(3 l.3%)and the rate of HPV positivity showed no associationwith age-dependence(P>0.05).
  Published online: 5 Dec 1994
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