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Virologica Sinica, 09 (4) : 304, 1994
Observation on the Antiviral Effect of HBIG .Acyclovir and Interferon Combining Treatment in Chronic Hepatitis B
Tongji Medical University,xiehe Hospital
This paper reported the antiviral effect in 54 cases of chronic hepatits B,who were serum HBVreplication mark positive.It was divided into two groups:the treatment group and the control group in27 cases respoctively.In the treament group,acyclovir was used according to 25-20mg/kg/d in thefirst week,then became to 17-15mg/kg/d for 53 days intravenously;interferon was 1×106U im3/w for 4 weeks,then became to 1×106U im 2/w for 6 weeks;HIBIG was 400U im qod for l0 weeks.It was only treated with cummon protective hepdtic drugs in the control group.18 cases in thetreatment group and l9 cases in the control group had been fullowed-up half to two years;The resultshowed that the negative rate of HBeAg and HBV DNA in the recent and followed-up time reached40%,which was remarkable higher than the control group(P<0.05 ̄0.0l).4 and 2 cases with HBsAg became negative in the treatment group of different period,and none in the control group.Therecent and followed-up synthetical antiviral effect had observed that the whole negative
  Published online: 5 Dec 1994
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