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Virologica Sinica, 09 (4) : 319, 1994
Isolation of a M ild Strain of CMV with Satellite RNA and Cross Protection against Virulent Strains
Zhejiang Agricultural University
CMV isolate(CMVP 1)containing satellite RNA was obtained from pea(Pisum sativum)in Jiangsu province in 1990.Twenty-nine plant species representing nine families were inoculated mechanically with CMVP l and no symptoms or only mild symptoms were found.In Nicotina tabacum-Samsum,CMVP 1 caused Slight mosaic 8-16 days after inoculation and the infectivity redched the highestlevel at this time then the symptoms disappeared and the infectivity decreased.When satellite RNAwas eliminated by electrophoresis,CMVPl caused severe symptoms in tomato,so mild spoptoms of CMVPl in plant species were controlled by satellite RNA.In greenhouse crase protection tests,tomatoplants were first vaccinated with CMVP1 and cllallenge-inoculated with a virulent strain 5 to 30 dayslater,the disease incidence of vaccinated plant decreesed by 77.80%and the protective rate of the vaccination was higher than 90%,The average height and width of vaccinated plants were greater thanthose of healthy plants,so vaccination with CMVP1 had some favou
  Published online: 5 Dec 1994
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