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Virologica Sinica, 09 (4) : 327, 1994
Study on Broad Bean Wilt Virus Isolated from Tomato
Xinjiang Institute of 
The isolate 87-35 was isolated from tomato in Xinjiang.After inoculating to tomato inducing mot-tle,the virus particles were isometric,and about 25nm in diameters,The virus infected 18 speciesplant-Chenopodium quinoa,C.amaranticolor,broad bean and tomato etc.It was transmitted by aphid(Myzus percicae)in nonpersistent manner.In the agar double-diffusion tests between the virus andbroad bean wilt virus antiserum,a clear band of precipitate was obseved,but it was not seen reactionbetween the virus and antisera of cowpea mosaic virus,and cucumber mosaic virus,Absorption spectrum of the virus was maximum in 258.5nm and minimum in 241.7nm.The virus particle containedtwo protein subunits,their electrophoresis molecular weights were about 45900 Dalton and 20400 Dal-ton reapectively,And they were composed of l8 kinds amino acids with 255 reeidues,Genome nucleicacid of the virus consisted of two components RNA,their molecular weights were about l320000 Dal-ton and 2340000 Daltun respectively.Accurding to the above resu
  Published online: 5 Dec 1994
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