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Virologica Sinica, 09 (4) : 362, 1994
Infection and M orphogenesis of Non-inclusion Body Baculovlrus from Pellaeus orientalis Kishinoye in Vivo
Wuhan Institute of Virology,Academica Sinica,Wuhan 430071
a lot of virogenic stroma,nucleocapsids,envelope and virion is detected in hepatopancreatic andmidgut epithelium cell nucleus of infected shrimp.Virion shapes short bar with blunt circle at twosides.The average size is 250-300×110nm.No inclusion body is deteeted in nucleus.There aresome two-layer-protein structures containing virion which we suggest be called occlusion-body,Mean-while,we think that this baculovirus without inclusion body could probably belong to the third sub-grope of insect baculoviride.
  Published online: 10 Jun 2015
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