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Virologica Sinica, 09 (4) : 367, 1994
The Evaluation of the AVW C-test Effect Applied in the Life Science
Virological Institute, Hubei Medical University,Wuhan 430071
AVWC-test is a new bio-statistical method which can transform the nonparameter datum into theparameter one to take the statistical analysis according to measurable datum.Some of the scienfific data were selected from the different research papers published in the academic magazine,analyzed statistically in the AVWC-test method as well as in other classical nonparametric statistic methods,And theself-control design were used to compare the statistical efficiency between the AVWC-test and the othertests.The result showes the AVWC-test is a excellent bio-statistical method because it is wide-ranging,accurate,sensitive and cunvenient so as to can better discover the scientific information than othermethods when you use it in biology field.
  Published online: 10 Jun 2015
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