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Virologica Sinica, 10 (1) : 67, 1995
The Fine Slrueture and Some Biophysical and Biochemical Characteristics of a Cytoplasmic.Polyhedrosis Virus from Lym antria xylina Swinhoe
The Lymantria,xylina Swinhoe cytoplasmic polyhedra xhows a quite difference ranging from 0.8 to2.lμm in diameter.The virions were randomly distributed in a polyhedron;The virions show icosahedron, and about 60 nm in diameter with l2 spikes.By the analysis of SDS-PAG E,the polyhedral pro-teins contain one major band(31000 Dalton)and three minor tsands.The virlon has 6 polypoptidesranging from 12600 to 33000 Daltons,The protein from LxCPV is rich in aslxirtic acid,glutamic acidand tyrosine,but poorer in cystein and methionine; The ratio of basic amino to acidic amino is l.43.By the stability test of the LxCPV RNA to RNase ,DNase and formaldehyde,the staining reaction ofacridine orange,the RNA is demontrated as double-strand RNA(dsRNA)with a Tm of 87℃.TheRNA genome consists of ten molecular mass from 2.46 to 0.35 MD,and with a totol estimated moleeular mass of l4.42 MD,Three distributive peaks of LxCPV RNA segments contour length are foundat 0.5μm,1.0μm and l.3μm respectlvely by electron micrcacopic analysis.
  Published online: 5 Mar 1995
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