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Virologica Sinica, 10 (1) : 81, 1995
Studies Oil T0bacco Mosaic Virus in Faba Bean
Institute of Biotechnology, Zhejiang Agricultural University, hangzhou
A virus isolate(B一935A)from faba 13e2.n w collected in Hangzhou.Zhejiang province.The isolate could infect 1 2 plant species in tkrce families. On faba bean,the isolate produced mosaic symptoms and necrosis.Its thermal inactivaflon point was 85— 90℃ ,dilution end po int was 1 0一一1 0 .The virus particles wore rod—shaped with the length of 300nm . The capsid protein of B一935A containod one po lypeptide with molecular weight of 1 7500.Th e viral genon~ consisted single strand RNA with the approximate length of 6.4kb. 1m muno-serological electron m icroscopy r ISEM ) and agro ge1 double diffusion test showed B一935A strongly reacted with the antisera of TMV. On the basis of these characteristics the B一935A w/Is identified lis a faba bean sCraM of TM V.This is the first report of TIVlV on faba bean and first repo rt ofTM V on legum inous cropsin China.
  Published online: 5 Mar 1995
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