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Virologica Sinica, 10 (2) : 135, 1995
Detection of the HCV C(33c) Antigen and HBxAg in Liver Cirrhositic Tissues by Immunohistochemical Techniques
Department of Pathology
the 4th Military Medical University
Xi an 710032
The HCV C_(33c) antigen and HBxAg were detected with monoclonal antibod ies against C_(33C) and Poly-clonal antibedies agalnst HBxAg by immunohistochemical techniquee in 86 paraffin-embeded sectionsof liver cirrhositic tissues,The rate of the HCV C_(33c) antigen and HBxAg positive was 76.7%(66/86)anct 62.8%(54/86)respectively.The rate of either the HCV C_(33c) or HBxAg positive was 88.4%(76/86).The rate of both the HCV C_(33C) and HBxAg positive was 51.2%(44/86).The HCV C_(33c) antigenwas clearly stained in ...
  Published online: 5 Jun 1995
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