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Virologica Sinica, 10 (3) : 215, 1995
Studies on the Pathogenic M echanism of Viral M yocarditis —Assay of Lymphocyte Subsets and Anti—cardiac Antibodies
Shandong Medical University
In this study,we established myocarditis model by using coxsackie type B3 inoculation.Results of the study revealed the following:5 days after inoculation,the percentage of Thylcells in the spleen of infected mice was increased,ttien it was decreased significantly on day7,15 and 2 1,L 3T4 ̄+subsets were increased on days 7,15and 2 1.Anti-cardiac antibodies inthe serum of infected mice were increased after inoculation.Virus was isolated from all thehearts of infected mice on days 3 and 5.The percentage of Dositive viral isolation were de-creased on day 7.Focal necrosis appeared in the myocardium with small lymphocytes infiltra-tion on day 5.Mvocardiac necrosis and inflammatory cell infiItration became more severe onday 7. and the ventricular cavity began to dilatate on days 1 5. Capillary and fibroblast in thenecrotic area appeared on day 2 1. The above results revcaled that T lymphocyte subsets,anti-cardiac antibodies and virus itself all may be associated with viral myocarditis.
  Published online: 5 Sep 1995
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