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Virologica Sinica, 10 (3) : 221, 1995
The significance of viral antigen and immune complexes in skin tissues of patients with epidemic hemorrhagic fever
Clinical Immunology Research Unit,Tongji Hospital,Tongji Medical University,Wuhan 430030
he techniques of pathology.immunohistochemistry and ultrastructural pathology were empluyed to study the pathological changes,specific virus antigens and immune complexes in the biopsy skin tissues of 33 cases of patients with epidemic hemorrhagic fever.The specific antigens,antibodies and circulatilng immune complexes in sera of the patients were also de-tected. T he specific viral antigens were detected in 23 skin samples of the patients and im-munoglobulins,complement component C_3 were also detected in some of the samples. How-ever,for a few samples,only the virus antigens or immunoglubulins were detected.The viral antigens,antibodies and immune complexes appeared in the sera of the patients showed some relationship with the severity and the phase of illness,Furthermore,we found that there were correlations between the consumption of C_3 and the formation of immune complexes,also the degranulation of dermal mast cells and the elevation of immunoglobulin E level in sera of the patients.These suggest
  Published online: 5 Sep 1995
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