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Virologica Sinica, 10 (3) : 232, 1995
Seroepidemiological study on HCV infection among malaria cases
Hebei Provincial Health and Anti Epidemic station
The causes of HCV infection among 97 malarla cases were studied in Hebei province.The results indicated that positive rates of anti-HCV were 71.13%for malaria cases.89.71%for those with history of plasmapheresis.64.29% for those with history of bloodtransfusion;no anti-HCV positlve was found for those with neither plasmapheresis nor bloodtransfusion. The rates were not significantly different betwecn malaria cases with history ofplasmapheresis and plasmapheresis donors at the same villages ,and it was very low amongthe malaria cases or non-malaria cases with neither plasmapheresis nor blood transfusion. Itwas showed that HCV infection of malaria cases was related to plasmaptiereses and bloodtrasfusion. By investigation the operatinq courses of taking blood,isolating plasma,and re-turn transfusion of blood cells at local plasmapheresis centers,Cross-contaimination of bloodwere found.and it was the main cause of HCV infection of malaria cases.
  Published online: 5 Sep 1995
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