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Virologica Sinica, 10 (4) : 298, 1995
Inhibitory Effect of TNF-a on Human Common Respiratory Tract Viruses in vitro
Nanjing Medical University
This paper reports the protective effect of human rTNF-α and Human IFN-α on HEL andNEP-2 cell cultures infected by viruses in vitro,That is,before virus challenge,the treatment ofcell cultures in comparison with TNF-αand IFN-α may result in the inhibition of virus inducedcytopattiy.The challenge viruses included 5 strains of different tyDe of adenovirus,1 strain ofNSV-1,1 strain of rhinovirus,1 strain of Sendai virus,and 1 strain of VSVS,The antiviral ac-tivity of TNF-αand LFN-αare specific,and with wide spectrum.The specific antiviral activity ofboth TNF-αand IPN-α is confirmed by antibody neutralization. role of TNF-α inhibition can beneutralized completely by monoclonal IFN-β antibody and partly by monoclonal IFN-α antibody.The mechanism of antiviral effect of TNF-αis discussed. Aecording to the experiments ofneutralization test the TNF-α antiviral actlvity may be cumpletely neutralized by monoclonal anti-body againist IFN-β.It is strongly suggested that the antiviral effect of TNF-α appear to be me-diated
  Published online: 5 Dec 1995
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