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Virologica Sinica, 10 (4) : 303, 1995
PCR amplifying, cloning and sequencing of E7 gene of human papillomavirus type 16
Institute of Virus Research, Hubei Medical University
Rabbits were inoculated with EHFV-H114 strain,the distribution of virus antigen in thetissues of rabbits was studied by immunoflourescent technique and double bridge peroxidase(PAP)method.Meantinle,pathologic change in the tissues embedded in paraffin was observedby H-E staining.The results showed that the viral antigen was detected in every tissue 7-15days after infection by IFA,PAP staining,the positive cells were mainly the endothellcal cells ofcapillary,small blood vessele in every tissue detected,the results ind icated that the endothelialcells of capillary,small blood are EHFV target cellg,Also,the EHFV antigens were detectedfrom glond cells of both ovary and testis of the rabbits,it provides EHFV vertical tranmissionwith the data of etiology.The specific antigens were also found in epithelial cells of bronchus ofthe rabbits,it suggests that the epithelial cell be susceptible to EHFV,and there be Dossibility ofEHP aerosol spread.Prom the observation of the pathologic change in positive tissues,
  Published online: 5 Dec 1995
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