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Virologica Sinica, 10 (4) : 367, 1995
Prelim inary Identification Cucumber Mosaic Virus and Serological Detection of Infecting Chrysanthemum
China South Institute of Botang, Academia Sinica, Guangzhou 510650
The virus isolate S_1 was isolated from chrysanthemum plants with the symtoms of viral dis-ease,The host range of isolate S_1 was wide.It could infect 11 species plants aniong tested 6 fami-lies by sap-inoculation, The isulate S_1 was also transmitted in non-persistant manner by Myzuspersicae,The rate of transmission was 86.7%(13/15).The vlrus particle of isolate S_1 wassphere stiape, ItS diameter was about 28-30nm,The serological test showed that isolate S_1 re-acted positively with the antiserum against CMV but negatively with ToAV antiserum.On thebasis of these characteristics,isolate S1 was identified as a member of cucumber mosaic virus(CMV),The rabbit antiserum against CMV(isolate S1)was prepared with purified isolate S1.The highest titer of the antiserum was 1:2400 tested by ELISA.All 158 virus disease samples of field chrysanthemum plants were detected with the prepared antiserum by indirect-ELISA,inwhich 19.0% amples showed positive reaction.
  Published online: 5 Dec 1995
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