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Virologica Sinica, 11 (1) : 69, 1996
Influence of some antiphytoviral substances on the polymerization( in vitro) of coat protein of to: bacco mosaic virus (TMV)
National LaboratoryforAgroblotechnologv,l~jingAgricultural Uni-c~-slty,l~ ing 100094
Department of Plant Pathology.Cornell University.Ithaca,NY 14853.USA
he influence of six antiphytoviral substances,including three base analogues and threemembrane lipid analogues,on the polymerization of coat protein of tobacco mosaic virus(TMV)was studied under different temperatures in vitro.The results demonstrated that all of the testedantiphytoviral substances can restrain the polymerization of TMV coat protein,The base ana-logues,including DHT,DH-DHT and Virazole,showed suppression to the polymerization processmuch more than lipid analogues, NS-83 and soybean lecithin.All the inhibition to the polymer-ization of TMV coat protein were taken place above 22℃except E-30′s.The E-30 have remark-ably inhibited the TMV coat protein polymerization.These actions suggested that all of tested an-tiphytoviral substances would be contributed to pressure the process of virion assembly.
  Published online: 5 Mar 1996
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