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Virologica Sinica, 11 (1) : 34, 1996
Biological properties of a new strain of recombinant vaccinia virus expressing rabies virus glycopro- tein
Wuhan Institute of Biologial Products
the recombinant vaccinia virus(VVM11KRG strain)contains rabies virus glycoprotein gene(RVGG) which was inserted into the Hind ⅢM fragment of vaccinia virus(V.V)genome.TheRVGG was promoted by pll promoter of V.V.The VVM11KRG does not contain lac gene.Thestudy showed that its titer is higher than that of another recombinant vaccinia virus(VVTK11KRG strain)in chicken embryo cell and CV-1 cell.Its titer reaches the highest point inchicken embryo cell in the third day and in CV-1 cell in the second day after inoculation Its sta-bility is no difference comparing with parent strain at different temperatures.The virulence ofVVM11KRG is lower than that of vaccinia virus.Western blot and IFA proved that rabies virusG protein was expressed.Southern blot showed that the RVGG was inserted into Hind Ⅲ Mfragment of vaccinia virus.The fragment between glycoprotein gene and promoter was cloned toplasmid pGEM3 zf(-).The DNA was sequenced by Pharmacia LKB DNA sequencer.Thus weobtained a clear DNA reference data for the usage of
  Published online: 5 Mar 1996
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