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Virologica Sinica, 11 (1) : 61, 1996
Studies on Cyt0path0l0gical Ultrastructure of Three Different Disease Resistance Tuber Mustard Varieties Infected with Turnip Mosaic Virus
Zhejiang Agricultural University
Ultrathin sections of leaf tissues of three tuber mustard varieties infected with Turnip MosaicVirus were examined in the electron microscope.The results revealed that the aggregates of fila-mentous virus particles,which always distributed near vacuole membrane and cytoplast in meso-phyll cells,were seldom found.The inclusions including pinwheels(or bundles)laminated ag-gregates and circles(or tubers)were appeared in mesophyll,epidermal and xylem parenchymascells of all diseased leaves,while the contents and the proportions of three types inclusions weredifferent in different disease resistant tuber mustard varieties,The contents of inclusions in meso-phyll cells of the sensitive tuber mustard(90-149)were more than those in resistant tuber mus-tard(90-139).Meantime the sensitive had high proportions of circles or tubers and low propor-tions of pinweels or bundles,while contrasted to the resistant.The contents and the proportionsof inclusions in the medial disease resistant variety(90-146)were bewteen above two
  Published online: 5 Mar 1996
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