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Virologica Sinica, 11 (1) : 69, 1996
The application of ribonuclease protection assay in the identification of strains of cucumber mosaic virus
he cDNA sequences spanning nt 1209 to nt 1626 of Fny-CMV RNA2(a subgroupⅠstrain)and nt 2002 to nt 2433 of Ls-CMV RNA2(a subgroup Ⅱ strain)were used for probe preparation.The 32P-labeled negative strand RNAs prepared by transcription in vitro were hybridized with pu-rified RNAs of two Chinese CMV isolates from pepper and tomato,respectively.The resultshows that the two Chineses isolates share high identities of sequence to the Fny-CMV,thereforethe isolates belong to the CMV subgroupⅠ strain.A transcription probe complementary to thefragment flanking nt 1657 to nt 2125 of K-CMV RNA2(a subgroupⅠstrain originated from Chi-na) was hybridized with the purified RNAs of the two Chinese CMV isolates as well.The rela-tionship between the K-CMV strain and the two Chinese isolates was compared. The applicationof ribonuclease protection assay was discussed in the identification of CMV strains.
  Published online: 5 Mar 1996
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