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Virologica Sinica, 11 (2) : 187, 1996
Identification of a virus isolate of Chinese chive
Department of Plant Protection.Shenyang Agricultural University,Shenyang 110161
2Institute of Wind-Sand Land lmprovemem and Utilization of Liaoning Province.Ft~ring
Shenyang Institute ofGardening Science,Shenyang 110015
The identification of a virus isolate of chinese chive which occurs in Fuxing city of Liaoningwas carried out during 1993~1995.The isolate can be transmitted by mechanical inoculation andaphid(Myzus persicae),but cannot be transmitted by seed and soil.The isolate only infected 8species of plant out of 31 species from 10 families tested.The inder host reaction of the isolate wasidentical with Chinese chive dwarf virus(CCDV),In Chinese chive sap,it properties were thermalinactivation point(TIP)between 65~70℃.dilution end point(DEP) was 10-4.longevity of leafextract at rooth temperature(>25℃)was 5 d.An electron microscopic observation by dip methodrevedls the particle of the virus as rod-shaped with size of 650 × 12~13 nm.According to thecharacteristics of Syinptom, physical properties,host range,index host peaation,transmission andparticle of the virus,we consider this virus,as CCDV. This result is the first report in China.
  Published online: 10 Jun 2015
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