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Virologica Sinica, 11 (3) : 214, 1996
Study on morphogenesis and development process of MCV by silver - DNA staining and electron microscopy
Wuhan General Hospital,Guangzhou Military Region,Wuhan 430070
After using the methenamine silver-DNA staining,15 cases of eariy molluscum contagiosumtissues were examined by electron microscopy.The results showed that there was a silver-stainedDNA area(inclusion body,IB)in every cell infected with MCV. The morphogenesis and develop-ment of MCV tcok place in the IB,not in the cytoplasm area. The process of MCV morphogenesiswas firstly to synthesize virus materials(DNA) which secondly accumulated into a filament-granu-lar-like area(previrus inclusion body,PIB),and next to form some dense thin-granular-chain-likesturctures(previrus matrix,PM)in PIB,and then the bilayer membranes which cut and surroundPM to form primary MCV. The development process was from primary to intermediate,then tomatural and finally to degenerate MCV. And in the process the outer membrane,matrix,nucleusand the nuclear outermembrane of MCV had many changes.The lateral bodies were the temporalstructures and the viroplasm containing DNA in the intermediate MCV.The results suggested thatthe MCV gene may
  Published online: 5 Sep 1996
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