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Virologica Sinica, 11 (3) : 237, 1996
Construction of HPV 16 genomes containing mutated and deleted long control regions from cevical cancers
Xi~an Medical University,Xi'an 710061
Y1 is an imporiant cellular transcriptional regulator which is ubiquitously expressed in vari-ous kinds of cells.The specific binding sites of YY1 protein are found in the flanking sequences ofnlany cellular aiid viral promoters.In the "high risk"huinan papilloniaviruses(HPVs)YY1 works as a traxiscriptional repressor for the viral early gene promoter.In the episomal HPV 16 genomesextracted from cervieal cancers,removal of YY1 binding sites in LCR is a repeated event, resultingin increasing the activity of viral oncogene promoter P97.In order to study the effect of revomal ofYY1 binding sites in LCR on the viral tumorigenicity,HPV16 wild-tny plasmid p1203 was usedas basic sequences,through mltiple-step-clone to construct the new HPV16 plasnuds containingdeleted and mutated LCRs. houence analysis coofirmed that pDV390 had a G to A exchiinge inthe second YY1 site,whereas PDV 1326 and pDV401 contained 115 bp aiid 143 bp deletions in therespective LCRs that revomed 2 and 4 YY1 binding sites.
  Published online: 5 Sep 1996
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